Fondation Saradar

Established in the year 2000, Fondation Saradar is a non profit organization dedicated to promoting culture, art, education and sports. Presided over by Mrs. Marie-Claude Saradar followed by Mrs. Maria Saradar since 2012, the organization was founded on the beliefs of Joe Saradar. He was the first in Lebanon to launch cultural and leisure activities creating a conviviality culture within the corporation.

The first goal of Fondation Saradar was initially to provide financial assistance to both active and retired members of Banque Saradar. In 2001, the foundation was given fresh impetus when Mario Saradar provided a legal framework for the pursuit of his father's vision. By so doing, Mario Saradar committed himself to ensuring the foundation's continuity and to honoring the values his father wished to instill, namely solidarity and humanism.

The foundation later widened the scope of its activities to respond to the needs of a society continuously confronted with new social, economic, cultural and technological changes. For over ten years, Fondation Saradar's agenda has successfully initiated the computer and environmental literacy project, through its 'Mobile Learning' program.

Fondation Saradar has also developed the visual arts and sports programs. It is presently focusing on supporting young Lebanese athletes and on promoting the Lebanese art scene through exhibitions, education, and publication.