Our Culture

Our Mission

The mission of SARADAR Group is to be a major Lebanese diversified group with a regional and international reach.


Our Vision

Our targeted business lines are the financial, real estate and distribution sectors.
We continuously work towards delivering the most efficient services & high quality products to all segments of our financial clients and partners.
Our Real Estate strategy is oriented towards geographical diversification in terms of asset allocation and management focus as we will build on our track record in delivering high quality products through targeted investments.
We also aspire to develop in the future the distribution business line through the launch of new brands.
Our working environment always privileges entrepreneurs, talented people and top-performers.
We are also keen on ensuring consistency, effectiveness, transparency and continuity in the decision making and overall management process, which is covered by guidelines for corporate governance, based on international best practices.

Our Values

Though our vision has evolved through three generations of leadership, we have always upheld our core values. They have been the benchmarks of our group, guiding our progress and keeping us on the path to success.

We remain true to the spirit of our founders and believe in the tremendous impact that collaboration can have on fulfilling our vision. That is why we build on the individual capabilities of our employees, encouraging their entrepreneurial spirit and offering them our support so they can reach their full potential together, as a team.
We help bring about positive change through innovative business ideas and new approaches to social and cultural initiatives.
We believe in our vision, and it is passion for what we do that fuels our determination to achieve our goals.
We are proud of our expertise and though we capitalize on it, we are also constantly looking to improve ourselves. We practice openness, transparency and respect, adopting a professional attitude in everything we do.
We approach our business relationships with an objective mindset, dealing with information free of distortions, providing unbiased and independent advice based on rigorous analysis of evidence.
We operate with the highest ethical standards and are committed to establishing long-lasting relationships that are based on trust, honesty and discretion.
We take active part in supporting and promoting Lebanese talent and in enhancing the vitality of our community. We are also constantly aiming at meeting the needs of the underprivileged members of the Lebanese society.