Our Story

February 1,1948 a man of vision and great promise, Marius Saradar, embarks on a remarkable journey. He establishes a solely operating financial enterprise, Marius Saradar – Maison de Banque, which in 1956 becomes a Lebanese Joint Stock Company and adopts Banque Saradar sal as its official name.

After the death of Marius Saradar in 1962, his son Joe Saradar, is appointed bank president and CEO at the age of 24. Following in his father's footsteps, Joe Saradar's determination leads to the expansion of the bank's operations beyond the Lebanese territory. In 1987, Banque Saradar France, 70% owned by the Multi Investment Group (Groupe Saradar), is founded in Paris. The bank's success is not only a reflection of its CEO's vision, but also a reflection of his personality. His motivation, perseverance and goodwill towards the members of the group allow the bank to offer the best possible service to its customers despite a raging war, which is to last for the majority of his time as head of the bank.

In 1992, following the death of Joe Saradar, his son, Mario Saradar is appointed Group President and CEO. Mario Saradar inherits the integrity and intellectual rigor that crowned the success of the two preceding generations. Mario Saradar's vision is to institutionalize the group and diversify its activities beyond the banking sector. In 1997, he establishes The Holdings Saradar (3 holdings), in order to manage the family's heritage. Each holding represents a generation of the Saradar family: Holding Mario Saradar sal, Holding Joe Saradar sal and Marius Saradar Holding sal.

In 2004, Banque Saradar signs a merger agreement with Bank Audi sal, entitling Saradar Holding to become one of the largest shareholders of Bank Audi sal-Audi Saradar Group. Mario Saradar is appointed Board Member and Member of the Executive Committee of Bank Audi sal-Audi Saradar Group. After 6 years of managing the Audi Saradar Group Private Banking, Mario Saradar decides to follow his long term vision of diversification and focus on developing the family business.

In 2013, Saradar Group acquires a majority stake in the share capital of Near East Commercial Bank sal (NECB), followed in 2014 by a merger with Banque de l'Industrie et du Travail sal (BIT). 

In 2015, Holding Saradar sells the remaining shares of Bank Audi sal.

Saradar Bank is launched in June 2016.

Aspiring to greater creativity and higher achievements, Mario Saradar continues the expansion of the investments of the group beyond the banking business to the financial, real estate, and other major sectors, with a total number of employees reaching 1100.

Today the group, with Mario Saradar at its head, continues to build on the legacy it began 60 years ago by seeking innovation and improvement in every business it invests in.

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