Real Estate

The real estate activity of the group covers the following main aspects:

Real Estate Development


Conseil et Gestion Immobilière (CGI) sal

Conseil et Gestion Immobilière (CGI) sal was established in the 90’s by Banque SARADAR. It specializes in real estate investments and project development. Affiliated to Banque Audi since 2004, CGI has grown exponentially in the past years and undertaken major real estate projects in the heart of Beirut. Today CGI, is owned at 98% by Saradar Capital Holding sal, and is still building on its reputation as a reliable firm offering quality services.

Real Estate Ownership


Immobilière SARADAR sal

Immobilière Saradar sal, which specializes in real estate investments, buys and sells land both in Lebanon and abroad.


Investment Management


Cedrar sal

Cedrar sal, owned at 45% by Saradar Real Estate Holding sal, is a real estate company that has acquired land for development in the Cedars – one of Lebanon's favorite winter sports destinations.