The Group

SARADAR Group is a family-owned business which has been at the center of Lebanese banking for over 60 years. It has successfully diversified its activities, which presently span a variety of sectors: financial, real estate, and distribution.

SARADAR Group and its subsidiaries consist of three main holding companies which are owned by three generations of the Saradar family. All three holdings fall under the umbrella of the founder of Banque Marius Saradar sal.

  • Holding Mario Saradar sal, which owns 50% of Holding Joe Saradar sal, manages the assets of the group's CEO, Mario Saradar.
  • Holding Joe Saradar sal, which owns 53% of Marius Saradar Holding sal, monitors the assets of the Joe Saradar family (his wife, Marie-Claude, and his two daughters, Maria and Marielle Saradar).
  • Marius Saradar Holding (MSH) sal manages the assets of Marius Saradar's heirs. MSH holds the various investments of the group.